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Being Right or Being Wrong, does it really matter?

What if everyone one were right? Or no one was?

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Trying to convince others, categorizing something as good or bad, right or wrong, imposing ideas onto others, not tolerating that others might think in a different way… These are the main sources of conflicts and war on this planet. It is really worth it? Is there only one truth and only one right way to think about life? Let me set some requirements first before we go further to answer those questions.


It is commonly accepted by the majority of the population that we all live in the same world.

But is it really the case?

We are not experiencing the world as it is. We are experiencing only what we perceive of the world through our senses, our belief system, the opinions we have on the world, and what we consider to be true in this life. If you are not convinced by what I am saying, let’s do a commonly known experiment together right now. Shall we?

  • Please have a look around you and pay attention to everything that is red…

  • Done?

  • Alright!

  • Now can you tell me what is yellow?

Well, you are normally confused right now, because you just looked at what was red before, so you didn’t perceive the yellow things. But those things are there too. We are only perceiving a small fraction of what is.

Let’s take another example to emphasize this. Imagine you have a meeting, and the person you are waiting for is late. This is a fact. But then the way you will perceive it can be totally different from one individual to another, according to your past, your wounds, your beliefs :

  • Maybe your father told you when you were young that it was a lack of respect to be late, so you will feel offended and disrespected.

  • Maybe your ex-companion left you by not showing up on a date, and you felt abandoned. Abandonment will be felt again.

  • Maybe you will feel injustice because you value your time and you think that the other person is not valuing it. You could have been doing something else and your family is waiting for you at home.

  • Maybe it is common in your culture to be late, so you don’t really care and just wait patiently.

This situation could be perceived in many other ways. All those perceptions are true for the perceiver. They are creating emotions, thoughts, conditioning the experience you are living, creating your own way of looking at the world. Or in other words, those perceptions are creating your own world.

Objectivity vs Subjectivity

If we take this concept a little bit further, it means that

Ultimately there are as many worlds as people to perceive the “objective” world.

Have you ever had this feeling that you were alone in this world? Well, maybe you are because only you perceive the world the way you do.

Then what is objectivity? It is commonly accepted subjectivity. The things that most people are perceiving in the same way, we call objectivity. If everyone perceives the sky as being blue, then we agree to say that the sky is blue. But is the sky really blue? Modern science is stating that without an observer, there is nothing to observe, only vibrations of energy.

Convince others to feel better

Afraid to be alone in our own perceived world, we try to convince other people to look at the world the same way we look at it.

Because when someone says: “Yes I agree with you.”, this person is saying: “Yes, I perceive the world the same way you do, we share the same world together, you are not alone.” Trying to be right is only an attempt to bring others into your own world.

But who are we to say that someone else perception is not correct? What we perceive is the truth for us, and as we all have different perceptions, we all have different truths. And everyone is right. Or no one is. Right or wrong are concepts that were introduced by Judaic religions to control the masses at a time it was needed. I believe it is not needed anymore and morality can be slowly replaced by consciousness.


This article is my understanding and my experience of Franck Lopvet’s teachings. I am not affiliated with him.


Quotations and claims are derived from my experience unless specified otherwise. My views and opinions on topics are not intended to replace yours but are offered to broaden your perspective of life. Thank you for reading

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