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Business and Making a tattoo are the same

We might be turning the process upside down.

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I love tattoos, I have a fair bunch of those myself. What always surprises me is the way some people come into a tattoo shop to ask for a tattoo : Customer: “I want a tattoo”. Tattoo artist: “Great, do you have an idea of what you want and where?”. Customer: “No”. Wanting a tattoo for the sake of having a tattoo but not knowing what you want to express through it is where I think the process is taken upside down. In my opinion, a tattoo is just a means to an end. The tattoo shouldn’t be the final goal. It should be a way to express your feelings, your creativity, related to some meaningful event of your life, related to something important for you, something so important that you feel like having it under your skin. When used only as a way, when it is full of meaning and creativity, even when the tattoo will fade, the meaning that you give to it will not fade. Whereas if you doing the tattoo is the final goal, you might end up choosing anything decent in the tattoo shop, and change your mind after it is done. It is a matter of intention. If your intention is to have a tattoo you will just choose anything to get one. On the other hand, if your intention is to express yourself, you will choose tattooing as a way to express something you are eager to express, and your tattoo will have meaning.

Now, this is where I think business is the same process. Earlier in my life, when I started my journey to financial freedom, I got it all wrong. I tried to do dropshipping, print on demand, network marketing, and some other businesses. It was not working. Why? Because I was choosing businesses to make money. My intention was to make money. I was just following the trends of popular businesses at that time, choosing a business first, and thinking about what to do in that business, after. Consequently, I was not doing something that I loved, and I couldn’t find meaning in it. It was not personal, It was not something tailor-made, something authentic.

Later on, I started to understand that my thought process might be reversed. As I was experimenting with life, my own understanding of what I really wanted to do, who I really wanted to be, and what I wanted to offer to the world started to grow. My intentions became clearer.

With that in mind, I was not trying to find the best business to make money anymore. The intention was different. I had something I wanted to express to the world, and I was searching for the best way to do it. It was coming from a desire to serve, not to receive. And it worked because it felt authentic.

Final words

  • Do what you love, if you love what you do, you will do it well.

  • Intentions matter. Do it to give, not to receive.

  • Find meaning in your actions, and whatever you do will bring you fulfillment.


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