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My new writer spotlight story for Globetrotters Publication

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Hi Globetrotters. My name is Julien Demaret. I love to travel because I love to dive into the unknown and I cannot really stay in the same place for more than 3 months without getting bored. My number one travel activity is learning martial arts and movement. I am a movement practitioner interested in learning practices from all over the world. This gives me a purpose when I am traveling and is the main reason why I choose a place to go. So far I have been learning Muay Thai in Thailand, Yoga in India, and I’m going soon to Brazil for Capoeira, which I am very excited about. I come from a little town in the north of France. I work as a… Well, I don’t really work. First of all, my money is working for me. Then, because I have some intention to contribute to this world, I am mentoring and coaching people to get away from dependence and addiction to move to a life full of freedom and meaning. Indeed, I was deeply addicted to alcohol and others substances and habits, and I broke my chains and freed myself 3 years ago when I started my journey to Australia to find meaning. This is the reason why I started traveling in the first place, to change my environment. The best place I’ve been is not something I ask myself about. The best place to be in is the place I am right now because this moment that is happening right now cannot happen in any other way. In my spare time, I like to… Spare time is a concept I do not consider. In fact, all my time is spare time would be one way to look at it, or no time is spare time, would be another way. I just do what I want when I want to do it. Because everything I do comes from a place of choice, I don’t feel it as duty time, or spare time. My top travel tip is: Be curious and show interest in locals and their culture. Learn some words in the local language to greet people, and you will always have amazing experiences. If I could live somewhere else, I’d live in… where I live right now, which is in my body. I have never left home and never came back. I always stayed at home, in my vehicle for this life, my body. Then when it comes to my body location, it is always out of choice as well. So there is no place I would like to be rather than the place I am right now. My favorite way to travel is without too much preparation. I’m letting space for unexpected things to happen. This is the magic of traveling for me. Three lessons I’ve learned from traveling are :

  • The majority of the human beings on this planet are kind and compassionate.

  • We are all the same, despite some physical details.

  • The less you own materialistic things, the happier you are.

Thank you for reading.

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