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Playing Darts, Playing Life, Same Process to Me

Can you go full-on to hit the target?

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash Introduction Ok, this post is a bit different, I’m trying something new. I will tell you a story. It happened to me yesterday evening. If you stay until the end, you will discover the reasons for the title of this post. I hope you brought patience with you. If not, just scroll down the page to the conclusion. The story Sat on my chair, crossed leg position, as if I’m coming from somewhere else, I’m enjoying some sparkling water while my friends are drinking wine. The way I’m sitting is more of the eastern world than the French world. My brand new yellow shoes on top of my thighs are matching the bright sun in the afternoon summer sky. We are at the outside terrace of a bar in Amiens, the biggest city near my hometown. It’s been a month now since I came back to France. Occasions are rare to see my family and friends since I left three and a half years ago to get away from my addictions and live a life of freedom. During this time, I have been traveling to Australia, Uganda, India, and Thailand. On my left side is sitting someone I will call Marc, he is wearing a fancy white wing collar shirt, slightly opened at the top. As a mature charming businessman, he is still very elegant and good-looking. The first and last time I saw Marc, we had been celebrating 2019 new year’s eve at my best friend’s house. During the night I made a bold statement, I said I was going to leave everything behind, my home, my job, my family, my belongings, my addictions, alcohol, and drugs, and I was going to take my backpack to Australia to do a working holiday visa for one year.

At that time he didn’t believe I was able to do that. No one would have, to be honest, given the fact I had been drinking tirelessly for years. And here I am, a new version of me, sober, rich, and fulfilled, traveling the world learning movement and martial arts, on holiday to say hello to the French people I miss. Marc is slowly realizing I made it, I dared to follow my dreams and respect my words. He congratulates me, with a warmth joy I could feel emanating from his heart, the joy of seeing me fulfilled. On my right side is someone I will call Adam, he is one of my dearest friends, very close to my heart, and I’m always happy to meet him. We celebrated 2019 new year’s eve at his place. He likes to introduce me to his new friends and is very proud to tell my story to them. Indeed he knew me at the time I hit rock bottom. He is now delighted that I ended up being the way I am today. I’m very grateful we have been able to keep this relationship and transform it over the years, even if I quit drinking and smoking, and he still does. This evening, he is talking with the owner of the bar we are in, claiming my great skills at playing darts. He is telling an old story of the time I was still drinking and how he tried to win against me by cheating while I was in the restroom, and I ended up winning anyway. Since that time, he has never played darts with me again. The conversation quickly turns into a competition to see if I am still able to perform playing darts, even though I haven’t been playing for three and a half years and I’m now sober. I’m playing against the owner of the bar, who plays every day, and without any surprise, he wins, but I’m defending my honor well. There was no challenge for me to perform, I don’t know this guy, there is no emotion, no history between us. I am not a competitor, I have nothing to prove anymore. So I accept defeat and congratulate him. Little by little Adam is playing also and feels on a good day. He is now ready to face me again. He wants his revenge, he feels like the day has come to prove to everyone he can beat me, and more importantly to prove it to himself. We set a cricket mode in 10 rounds, to use the remaining credit. In cricket mode, we have to touch 3 times in some areas to lock them before the other player, to prevent him from scoring points. Those areas are 20,19,18,17,16,15 and the bull (center). Once those areas are all closed, the one who closes the faster or the one with the more points wins. Here we go, Adam is very good today, he is focused and plays well, I’m encouraging him also, and encouraging myself. This is it, I feel the urge to play well, to honor him, to honor our friendship, I have to give him my best. The first rounds are going quick, I’m closing the 20, the 19, the 18, everything with a triple shot, and Adam is not letting me take the advantage, he is very focused. We’re playing at a fast pace. Tension is in the air. We keep closing areas. And now comes the 7th round, I have 3 darts and still have to close the center. Adam is not far behind, I don’t have the option to miss this turn. It’s now or never, there is no plan B. The first dart I do a double bull, the second dart another bull, and that’s it, I win the game. Conclusion I played this game against Adam, with my heart, with 100% involvement, because I had a goal, I knew what I wanted to achieve, and I wanted to give my best to honor my friend. And I did incredible things because I believed in myself. There was no turning back, no plan B. I had to face adversity. To me, that’s the way we have to play the game of life, and our life will be extraordinary. Every action is to be performed with 100% involvement, with enthusiasm that we are moving towards a greater goal, something that is meaningful to us.


PS: I’m sharing my life experience with you in the hope that It will add value to your life and inspire you to grow. You can subscribe to my mailing list to receive more content. Quotations and claims are derived from my experience unless specified otherwise. My views and opinions on topics are not intended to replace yours but are offered to broaden your perspective of life. I can help you to get away from your addictions to a life of freedom.

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