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The Law of Attraction Trick

How to be, do, and have whatever you want in this life?

Photo by NASA on Unsplash The problem The number of people aware of the mechanisms of the law of attraction is growing continuously. Self-help books, personal development trends, and social media are all talking about it. People are trying to use it to better their lives. Yet, a very little number of people seem to be successful in using it. Something might be missing. Something might not be properly explained. Are we misleading people on purpose? Is the answer right in front of our eyes? I’m going to explain the law of attraction and its mechanism, and why people are not successful in using it. This understanding I have today has been greatly influenced by Kevin Trudeau. How is it supposed to work? In this universe, whether or not we are aware of them, whether or not we believe in them, some fundamental laws are in action and apply to everyone and everything. Indeed, you can state that you don’t believe in gravity and jump off a cliff to fly in the sky, you have a lot of chance to end up falling down the ground. It’s not about belief, it’s not about being conscious. Those laws are there, and they work the same way for everyone. The law of attraction is one of them. It is like gravity applied to vibrations. As a massive physical object attracts to itself smaller objects, the law of attraction is stating that similar frequencies of vibration attract each other. Every emotion and thought have a particular frequency. Anger, resentment, envy, pride, and sadness are vibrating at a low frequency. On the other side, joy, love, and forgiveness are vibrating high. We attract to ourselves more of what we already are. If your being is emanating with the joy of being yourself, you attract to yourself more joy of being yourself. On the other hand, if you are emanating frustration of not being, doing, or having what you want, you attract more frustration. This is why it is not working. This is where it is misleading people. Why are most of us not successful in applying the law? So if I just have to think of something to attract it, I should just think “ I want more money.”

And money will come, right? Well no. Think about it for a second. When you think I want more money, what are you really vibrating? You are vibrating: “ I don’t have enough money so I want to have more, but I don’t even really believe in this attraction law anyway, it’s not possible for me to be rich.” And as a result, you are attracting to yourself more occasions of feeling the lack of money in your life, and life will prove to you that you are right thinking you can’t be rich. You are vibrating scarcity, not abundance. The belief that what you wish is possible and the emotion linked with your desires are key points to succeed in manifesting. So it is not very easy to apply it this way. Because most of what we ask is not in our “sweet spot”, which is according to Kevin Trudeau, the things that we believe are possible for us to reach in the short term. There is another major problem. An untrained mind is not able to think with a burning desire and consistency. "We become what we think about the most often." — Kevin Trudeau For two minutes you are able to concentrate to visualize your goals and dreams as if they were real, you put your intention in there, you try to feel good about it, you anticipate the way it will make you feel and you see yourself there as if it was reality. Well great, but then for another sixteen hours when you are awake, you are back in your daily life with your struggles and your “negative patterns of thoughts”. It’s not working this way. Another simple approach to making things work Let’s break things down to the most important thing instead of complicating the recipe with thoughts emotions consistency and all. Why do we want to be, do or have anything in our lives? Let’s say you want a new house. You want it only for the feeling it will give you. You will feel great in this house, and that’s why you want it. Indeed we just want to experience pleasant emotions, protect ourselves from suffering, and feel good in our lives. Instead of thinking “ I will finally feel good when this happens or that happens”, why not start feeling good now? This is the trick, feel good now and you will attract more opportunities to feel good later in your life. Emanate the pleasure of being yourself, and you’ll receive more pleasure of being yourself. How to feel good now? It’s not as complicated as you may think. Here is a list of things you can start doing to improve your daily happiness and little by little reverse the way you feel for the major part of the day. The way you feel most of the time is what you will attract to you :

  • Stand up and move your hips as if you are dancing. I dare you to try to move your butt from left to right, front and back, and not smile. It’s not possible. A smile will come for sure.

  • Avoid consuming intoxicating products such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs…

  • Eat organic fresh food, mostly fruits, and vegetables

  • Exercise daily

  • Spend some time reversed on your hands ( if you are not suffering from hypertension)

  • Pay attention to the quality of the water you drink

  • Keep faith in the future

  • Train yourself to imagine what can go right, instead of what could go wrong.

You can be, do, and have, whatever you want in this life. And it starts today.


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